Features Description Basic Plus Pro
Gopher Basic
Schedule Overview Schedule all of your regular maintenance jobs.  You can also enter one-time jobs.
Completing Jobs At the end of the day, simply tell Gopher which scheduled jobs were completed and which need to be postponed.

Job Times Gopher lets you enter the amount of time that each job took to complete.
Rescheduling Jobs If you miss a scheduled date, you can drag-and-drop the missed date on the Schedule screen to the new date and all jobs will automatically be rescheduled. You can also reschedule an individual job by using drag-and-drop.
Route Overview Each customer property is assigned to a route. Within each route, you sort the properties in the order that you would visit them. When you print a list of scheduled jobs for your crews, the jobs for each route will be sorted based on the position that you placed each property in its respective route.
Crews You can create crews and assign them to routes.  A crew represents a person, vehicle or group of people who are responsible for completing one or more routes.
Multiple Properties Gopher lets you create multiple properties for each customer.  This allows you to send one bill to that customer for services performed at multiple locations.
Billing Overview The Gopher schedule module is integrated with the billing module. At the end of each day when you complete your jobs, Gopher automatically sends that information to the billing module.
At the end of each month, or whenever you bill your customers, Gopher automatically creates invoices based on the jobs that were completed.
Customer Specific Prices Gopher lets you define standard prices for each of your services and materials.
You can also customize your service and material prices for specific customers.
Contract Billing Gopher gives you option of billing customers for each service performed or charging the customer a flat fee regardless of the work done.
Using the Contract feature, you can tell Gopher to bill a customer a flat-fee at a certain frequency. For example, you can charge a customer $50 per week, or $200 per month.
You can use the Contract feature for certain customers while still charging them for additional work that was not part of the contract.
Accounts Receivable & Aging Gopher gives you the option of printing invoice aging (current, 30, 60, 90 days) on your invoices.
Company Logo With Gopher, you can put your company logo on your invoices and estimates.
If you have a color printer, you can print color logos to make your invoices look even sharper.
Printing Invoices Gopher prints invoices on plain 8.5" x 11" paper, eliminating the need for expensive invoice forms. Your invoices will fit perfectly in a standard double-window invoice envelope, clearly showing your company name and address (and logo if applicable) and the customer's name and address. This eliminates the time that you would normally waste printing labels.
Inventory Overview Keep track of the amounts of each material that you have in stock with Gopher.
Usage Each time you complete a scheduled job that used materials, your inventory levels are adjusted automatically.
Material Transaction History You can review the history of each material in inventory and see where and when it was used.
How Much
Will You Need?
If you use materials for scheduled jobs, Gopher can tell you:
1. How much of each material you will need for jobs in a specific date range.
2. How much of each material you currently have in stock.
3. How much of each material you will need to order.
4. Which vendor to order from and how much it will cost you.
Estimates You can create professional looking estimates with Gopher.  After an estimate is approved, you can automatically turn it into an invoice.
Customer History You can look up and print the history of a particular customer to see the following activity:
Billing HistoryList of recent invoices
Payment HistoryList of received payments (including check #)
Service HistoryList of each service performed (perfect for customers who complain that you missed a date)
Material HistoryList of each material used along with quantity.
Sales Tax Gopher makes sales tax reporting easy.
You can generate sales tax reports based on the date that invoices were created or the date they were actually paid.
Gopher allows you to define multiple sales tax regions and specify which region each of your customers' properties belongs to.
For each tax region, you can define separate tax rates services and materials.
Each tax region is analyzed individually to calculate how much sales tax you owe.
Gopher has two sales tax levels.  This is useful for some Canadian users who must calculate GST & PST.
Import from Quickbooks Import your customer list from Quickbooks to get up and running in just a few minutes.
Gopher Plus
Email Invoices Send out invoices via email. Fully-customizable HTML invoice layout with powerful options.  
Credit Card Processing Easily and quickly process credit cards via Stripe™. NO monthly fees. NO signup fees.  
Export to Quickbooks Export invoice, payment and customer data to QuickBooks (Requires U.S. desktop version of QuickBooks Pro version or higher, 2012 or newer).  
Late Fees Apply late fees to customers who are past due.  You can charge a flat-fee or a percentage of their overdue balance.  Gopher lets you exclude certain customers from ever being charged a late fee.  
Job Clusters Job Clusters allow you to quickly schedule a group of jobs on a specific day of the week.  This feature can also be used for handling snowplowing and spring/fall cleanups.  
Job Series Job Series is an advanced scheduling feature which allows you to quickly set up multiple-step jobs which must occur in sequence (e.g. 5-stop lawn care program).  
Matrix The Matrix allows you to efficiently enter completed jobs which weren't scheduled in advance. This can be used if you want to apply a service to a group of customers without having to schedule the job in. For instance, you can use this feature to quickly enter spring or fall clean-ups. Another good use of the Matrix is for quickly entering snowplow work.  
Expense Tracking Track expenses for each job.  
Barcode Support Barcodes printed on your daily route sheets and payment stubs can be scanned using most barcode scanners (hardware not included).  
Gopher Professional
Chemical Applications You can now schedule chemical applications and keep track of your chemicals for state audits.  Chemical application information can be printed on your invoices.    
Employee Scheduling and Timesheets The employee feature allows you to track which jobs your employees worked on. With this information you can determine who is generating the most profit for you.    
Equipment Track equipment usage and manage preventative maintenance.